Forget Direct to Garment Printing: 10 Reasons Why You No Longer Need It

Whether you're aiming to promote an amazing brand-new brand name or wish to outfit your family members for Instagram image ops at a family reunion, there's always a good reason to print your own customized tee shirt. Sure, you most likely own a big collection of comfy, flexible tees. However, there's constantly space for more, so why not make your own? In this step-by-step t-shirt printing guide, we'll evaluate the ins and outs of printing a tee shirt, including determining your quantity & budget, choosing a printing technique and selecting the best fabric. We're here to get you on your way to printing your brand-new favorite tee!illustration of cats using tshirts and using various tshirt printing techniques You've got numerous choices when it comes to tee shirt printing! Here's a guide to help you navigate the tee shirt printing process. Illustration by Vladanland. Step 1: Get a style
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Enter your email to get the ebook, along with imaginative suggestions, trends, resources and the periodic promo (which you can opt-out of anytime). View our personal privacy policyYou can't print a tee shirt without a great style. So, long story short, ensure you've got a style that tells your story, fits your brand, or simply looks really cool. Start by asking yourself what you desire your shirt to say about you or your brand name. Who's the target group you're trying to interest? Take your time producing a design that shows your brand identity, whether it includes an illustration, Direct to Garment Printing a logo, a slogan or a mix of all three. Breakfast Tee shirts An adorable breakfast tee shirt style by Alice Z.
Likewise keep in mind that your design needs to work with whatever t-shirt color you choose: a design with dark colors will not appear well on a dark blue or black tee shirt. So, if you know you wish to print on black tee shirts your style needs to use lighter colors and vice versa.
Do not have a design yet? Examine out our ultimate guide to tee shirt design where we cover whatever you require to know to develop a t-shirt you'll enjoy. You'll learn how to select the best design, images, colors and typography, so you'll end up with the ideal t-shirt style.
Pro tip: dealing with a professional designer is the most convenient way to get an excellent t-shirt design that is ensured to look amazing on the completed printed shirt. tep 2: Know your amount and budget
Prior to you get too deep into the printing procedure, identify your approximated quantity and spending plan. As with any kind of printing, purchasing a big quantity will likely lower the cost per product. Purchasing wholesale is a wise strategy, particularly if you'll be offering the shirts. In addition to amount, determine which sizes you'll require and the number of of each. If you're printing product shirts, remember that some sizes are more popular than others, but it's constantly important to have an inclusive variety. Depending on your producer, certain sizes can be more expensive than others.
Having your quantity and budget plan set in stone is also a vital step toward limiting your printing technique. The variety of shirts you require will also affect your printing method. Some techniques are ideal for printing in bulk. Others have a greater cost per t-shirt and are better for little orders.
How much does tee shirt printing cost?

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